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Re: AIMS amps

5/11/2004 4:12 AM
Re: AIMS amps
It is a great amp, and you discription of Fender likness is about right. I bought one of these amps new in 1974. original cost about $550. it was a great sounding amp for 10 years . after that I tore it apart trying to fix it to no avail. years later With what i know about amps i can say it probably only needed new power tubes. I was unable to find a good amp tech. that would work on the amp with out a schematic. By the way, my amp came with a lifetime garentee. but the life of Aims Co. was only about three years.  
even without a schematic the electros in the power supply could be 30 years old. They only have a 10-15 year life expectancy.

Chill Re: Filter caps or power tubes? -- 5/11/2004 5:45 AM