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Biasing a Marshall DSL50 amp

5/9/2004 2:07 AM
Biasing a Marshall DSL50 amp
I've got a JCM2000 DSL50 head that I need to re-bias. I own a Alessandro bias meter that has two sockets that plug into the amps power sockets and then the tubes on top of those.  
However, the DSL amp has a 3 prong deal with two little plastic screws to adjust the bias. Do I need a special guage or something? With the Alessandro in the sockets, I can't get the bias any higher than about 23ma on each side. That's max. It's doesn't seem right and it sounds terrible.  
Has anybody biased one of these amps?  

PAULH The center pin is ground and the ou... -- 5/10/2004 4:19 PM
Enzo SOmething else is going on in there... -- 5/10/2004 10:48 PM
muletone I think I'll drop some new tubes in... -- 5/11/2004 5:13 AM