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what does this tone control sound like?(EF86)

4/5/2004 5:06 PM
Rickywhat does this tone control sound like?(EF86)  
Its the matchless DC-30 EF86 rotary tone control. I'm trying to decide what tone control to use with an EF86 preamp. Does this thing have the ability to cut large amounts of treble like a regular princeton or 5E3 tone control? it looks like it switches in different values of coupling caps, I wasn't sure if you could get the ability to really cut treble by doing that. I was thinking that it might effect the midrange more than anything(IE, scooped and tinny to fat mids sound)  
One last thing, could I use this matchless control with a 5E3/fender style tone control, or would it be repetative? could the rotary do it all?  

Rick Erickson That circuit switches different siz... -- 4/5/2004 5:14 PM