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Re: Output transformer roasted?

3/25/2004 2:24 PM
aaronRe: Output transformer roasted?
I haven't been able to get my hands on a scope, but here is what I've found as of late...  
First, I replaced every part in the PI just to make sure, and I swapped the blocking caps to see if the problem would move from one pair to the other.. but it didn't, same problem, even after all parts were replaced in the PI.  
Second, I noticed the voltage is maybe 50-60volts too high on the PI, but almost dead on on the output tube plates. I changed all of the tubes to new ones except for the 6k11 and 6cg7. Could the overly high voltage have something to do with this? Could the 6k11 and 6cg7 maybe not be pulling the current that they used to causing the voltage to rise?  

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