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Tweed amp replica cabinets

3/23/2004 2:43 AM
Tweed amp replica cabinets
I am going to soon start the project of building three replica amps- a tweed 5F1 Fender Champ, a 5E3 Deluxe, and a 5F6a Bassman. My problem seems to be getting cabinets that are truly built to the specs of the originals.  
I noticed in some of the Bassman kits on the market that they are built with 5/8" birch plywood baffle boards, attached on all four edges. Weren't the originals only attached on the sides, and only 5/16", and wouldn't that affect the sound?  
Now, I'm questioning whether the 5F1 or the 5E3 cabinets are truly replicas either.  
Is there a reliable source for these cabinets, that are built just like the old ones? I don't want to build these things, and they sound 'wrong' because of cabinet construction.  
Please help!  

John Kelley Brown Larry Rodgers of Rodgers Amps made ... -- 3/24/2004 7:03 PM