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ecl82 guitar amp

10/18/2004 8:58 PM
ecl82 guitar amp
Hi,I want to build 2 Ecl82 and 1 Ecc83 little guitar amp. I am not sure about the design,i´d like to get some good clean and medium drive bluesy sounds. I am going to use Az11 rectifier tube in the power supply for more sag and perhaps it should be nomaster volume amp for more interaction with my guitar..It should have bass,treble and volume controls and maybe a boost switch. I wanted to copy some fender amp,but i am afraid about their gain..(dont know them much) Could you give me an advice,please? How to design it best? Or if you know about some good circuit,i will be pleased too. Don´t need hard distortion,i have got boogie for that..  
thanks for your tips! Tom

Bernt Tom!Here's a starter:http:/... -- 10/19/2004 8:43 AM
Dave H There's a schematic of the Watkins ... -- 10/20/2004 2:31 PM