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Three-knob reverb + Deluxe (or Vibrolux in same chassis?

8/23/2004 5:01 AM
Three-knob reverb + Deluxe (or Vibrolux in same chassis?
I have an idea for an amp project; I'd like to combine a three-knob reverb with a classic blackface Fender circuit. My thoughts were to replace the 'normal' channel's control section with the dwell-tone-mix knobs and have the second 'channel' stay like a stock Vibrolux or Deluxe.  
I'm sure this is do-able, but I'm looking for suggestions and input, especially for power transformer choice. Chassis suggestions welcome, too.  
I've built amps before, but they've been from existing layouts. This will be my first foray into "design".  
Thanks for any and all input!  

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