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Re: Thanks Shea

8/10/2004 8:48 PM
SheaRe: Thanks Shea
Typically you need to roll off more bass when you're using EL84s than you would with other tubes. So, don't be suprised if you have to use smaller coupling caps in the circuit than you would in a Princeton or Deluxe Reverb.  
The Vox Cambridge Reverb sort of mates up the BF preamp to EL84s, with some significant tweaks (such as elimating the reverb/dry mixer stage). It's a really nice sounding amp -- it just doesn't get much attention because all the Vox fans are looking for British-made JMI Voxes, instead of American-made Thomas Organ Voxes. It's a sleeper!  
Here's the schematic:  

bd Great just what I was looking for!!... -- 8/10/2004 9:39 PM