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Re: Best hammond PT for push/pull EL84 amp

8/10/2004 2:58 AM
Mark dB
Re: Best hammond PT for push/pull EL84 amp
Don't be putting down the PV Classic 20 until you've tried it through a big cabinet! It's huge! Don't worry about the "16 ohm minimum load" requirement. That just means 16 ohms or less is OK. I've been running mine through a 4-ohm 2x15 Bassman cabinet for years... no problems.  
I based my first amp build on the Peavey Classic 20 four tube topology... 3 gain stages, a "concertina" split load phase splitter and EL84 push-pull output. I've been really pleased with the Hammond 1608 output transformer that I used. It handles the 18 watt output very nicely. It's an awesome amp. I like it way better than my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the PV 20.

bd Thanks, but I need a power transfor... -- 8/10/2004 4:44 AM