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Best hammond PT for push/pull EL84 amp

8/10/2004 2:07 AM
Best hammond PT for push/pull EL84 amp
Best hammond PT for push/pull EL84 amp??????? I looked and they have so many. I just want to make a 12 watt el84 amp. I have a PV Classless 20 and it really sounded like crap. I want to use a very simple fender design but with 2 el84's. The chassis and cab are small and I think a standup tranny would fit better than a fender type PT. Thanks

Mark dB Don't be putting down the PV Classi... -- 8/10/2004 2:58 AM
Shea 272FX, if you're using an EZ81 rect... -- 8/10/2004 5:38 PM