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Re: Can anyone measure their PT's DC resistance?

3/24/2004 6:09 PM
Bradster2kRe: Can anyone measure their PT's DC resistance?
Thanks Mark and Bob, I'll gladly add these to the list.  
Mark, yes, I would like to take you up on that offer to post *.psu files and perhaps you can even help with reviewing/editing them too if you feel so inclined? (I'll need an email address)  
Anybody else got any Hammond's, or how about Marshall, Fender, Heybower, OEI, Sovtek PT's?  
Here's what I've got so far:
Make/Model DC-Pri DC-Sec Advertised spec contributed by:  
Hammond/269EX 11.8 275.0 260-0-260 90mA (Mark Lavelle, ampage)  
Hammond/270DAX 5.0 178.0 260-0-260 90mA (Mark Lavelle, ampage)  
Hammond/270EX 2.8 63.5 275-0-275 125mA (Budso, AX84)  
Hammond/270FX 9.1 94.5 275-0-275 125mA (Bob P, ampage)  
Hammond/271X 7.0 170.0 280-0-280 60mA (Budso, AX84)  
Hammond/272DX 3.0 61.0 300-0-300 125mA (Budso, AX84)  
Hammond/272FX 2.3 101.0 300-0-300 150mA (Dan Souder, AX84)  
Hammond/272JX 1.4 45.0 300-0-300 250mA (Philip Ruetz, AX84)  
Hammond/273BX 1.6 72.3 350-0-350 175mA (KM, ampage)  
Hammond/278CX 1.0 21.9 400-0-400 465mA (Jason D, AX84)  
(HTS-7110) 3.22 88.5 250-0-250 150mA (Mark Lavelle, ampage)  
Anybody else feel like jumping-in please do, the list can only get better. Looking for more Hammond's, Marshall, Fender, Heybower, OEI, Sovtek etc.  
Thanks to all who have contributed so far.  

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