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Re: Geez this cracks me up

3/23/2004 6:46 AM
Mark LavelleRe: Geez this cracks me up
Somehow I didn't catch that you were basically just looking to build a library of .psu files. I'd be happy to post whatever you get together on my site if you need somewhere to host it...  
Here are three I have on hand (that aren't in amps):  
Heyboer PT-250 (HTS-7110)  
   250-0-250/150mA; 6.3/4A; 5/3A  
   3.2 ohms primary  
   88.5 ohms secondary  
Hammond 270DAX  
   260-0-260/90mA; 6.3/3.5A  
   5 ohms primary  
   178 ohms secondary  
Hammond 269EX  
   190-0-190/65mA; 6.3/2.5A  
   11.8 ohms primary  
   275 ohms secondary  
...measured with a nearly new Fluke 175, and subtracting the 0.2 ohms the meter reads when you clip the two leads together.