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Creating a replacement for Reticon R5101

8/27/2003 5:49 PM
Mark Black
Creating a replacement for Reticon R5101
Hi all -  
I'm not an engineer so forgive me if this is just silly.  
Any thoughts on using Panasonic MN3207 chips to replicate the function of the apparently unobtainable Reticon R5101 delay chip (at least as used in MXR Analog Delay)?  
I was thinking of perhaps a small custom PCB with correct pinouts for the R5101...  
By the way I just discovered these guys (I have no affiliation) who are apparently currently re-producing the MN3207, for all you builders out there.  
Thanks - Mark

Mark Hammer The R5101 is a very tricky chip and... -- 8/27/2003 9:23 PM