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Lexicon Prime Time Model 93

8/7/2003 1:56 AM
Mark Black
Lexicon Prime Time Model 93
Hi all -  
OK I know it's not specifically a guitar effect but it is "vintage digital" (if such a term is even appropriate). So here it is:  
Does anyone have any service documentation at all (schematic at least, calibration/testing even better) for this elderly digital masterpiece?  
Or is it destined to join the MXR Digital Delay Mod 113 in the "Waiting for Duplicate Working Unit to Test Against" pile?  
Already tried Lexicon - no joy. It always makes me sort of "shake-my-head-in-wonderment" when the manufacturer has no documentation at all of something they used to make, especially when it's a piece that helped put them on the map...  
Thanks - Mark

Mark Black Sorry guys - I just posted this ove... -- 8/7/2003 6:30 PM