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previous: Frank intermittent "ON/OFF" switch TS7 tubescreamer -- 12/17/2002 1:54 PM View Thread

Re: intermittent "ON/OFF" switch TS7 tubescreamer

12/18/2002 1:30 PM
ALRe: intermittent "ON/OFF" switch TS7 tubescreamer
Try here. Go to the stock list page. There is a replacement switch for Tube Screamers. It will set you back about 50 cents. It's a replacement for a TS-9. It takes a little work to get it into a TS-5 (tank model) I'm not sure about the TS-7 - I haven't looked in one of those. I did "repair" a TS-9 a few weeks ago. The only thing wrong with it was the spring on the switch was off center and wasn't allowing for a smooth operation. Check that out first. Hope this helps. Good Luck