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True bypass Questionairre

7/5/2004 12:22 AM
8bit BarryTrue bypass Questionairre
Out of the following pedals which are not true bypass?  
EH 4800 Small Stone Phaser (late70's)  
EH Electric Mistress Deluxe (late 70's)  
Rat Mk1 (80's)  
Boss Heavy Metal Mk1  
Boss LS2 Line Switcher  
Boss SD1 Super Overdrive  
Boss GE7 Eq  
Boss CS3 Compressor  
MArshall Jackhammer  
Ibanez Delay Echo  
Could I tell from looking at the footswich pins or something?  
How do I make them true bypass? Where could I find mod schematics?

Mark Hammer There are several different "levels... -- 7/5/2004 5:38 PM
8bit Barry Thanks MarkThis theory behi... -- 7/6/2004 8:55 PM