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Voodoo OD mod

11/7/2003 5:05 PM
Voodoo OD mod
A few years ago I built Justin Philpots Voodoo Lab od. I also built the Fullclone II at the same time, used the same perfboard & crammed them into the same enclosure.  
I'd like to add a psuedo-lead boost to the VD. So here's my idea. Install a second volume pot (one set louder for leads) & a footswitch to select between the 2. Not sure if the switch needs to 'select' the in or out of the pot tho.  
Would this work fairly well?  
If so, I'd like to swap out the DPDT that's for the FCII boost to a 3PDT & utilize the same LED etc.  

Mark Hammer The VL-OD is essentially a Distorti... -- 11/13/2003 4:44 PM