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Here's what I'm thinking of building next.

2/3/2004 4:52 PM
HumbuckerHere's what I'm thinking of building next.
I'm thinking of putting together a 2-knob ToneBender and use a toggle switch to bypass the first gain stage to give me a FuzzFace for variety. I know the values of some of the resistors and capacitors are different in those two pedals but I might tune that with pots and trimpots. That way you could go from FuzzFace to ToneBender depending on how you tweak the controls. That kind of sounds like a cool way of getting more mileage out of one pedal.  
BTW, I built Joe Gagan's (experimenter's) EZface and I added a third gain stage like on the GTFuzz and I can switch that in and out of the circuit with a toggle switch and it is very versatile. I tried it out against the fuzz in the FoxRox Captain Coconut II at the local music store and it held up really well IMHO and is way more versatile. So I was quite happy with the results of this homemade fuzzbox. What a rewarding hobby!

Skreddy Me too -- 2/3/2004 9:08 PM