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Re: New Sub-Harmonics Generator

9/25/2003 6:05 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: New Sub-Harmonics Generator
Don't let the want of a kit hold you back. The board is a little trickier than some, but not impossible to make with a pen. The parts are all presently available. My guess is, though, that with the widespread availability of $100 multi-effects units with on-board digital harmonizing, there is little demand for such kits. Probably right, too. The pitch shifting on my little Korg Pandora is more than adequate for my needs.  
The 4046 in the harmony Generator is also used to track pitch in the BOSS DF-2 Superfeedbacker Distortion, locking onto the pitch of the currently held note when you hold the pedal switch down, generating octave-up tones with a wee bit of tremolo to them. It provides a reasonable simulation of what feedback sounds like at any volume. Like most such "what note is it?" devices, the tracking is error-prone and relies on a mono signal, very much like an octave-divider, although it does more tricks.  
If you look at my site, I posted some Ray Marston notes on the 4046 for those interested in understanbding them better and maybe designing with them.

Marcello "The 4046 in the harmony Generator ... -- 9/29/2003 2:03 PM