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The psycological bit

5/8/2003 8:29 PM
AndyThe psycological bit
I use fairly short George L´s for all my cables and dont use many pedals maybe to or at the most three at ones. The psycological bit is very important as i have discorvered. I may not be able to hear the buffered output in a live band but there is something that tells my mind that OOOOOHHHH theres a buffered output somewhere in your signal path.:-)  
I guess that all TBP freaks would like all their pedals to have TBP even if dont notice a buffered output sometimes.  
i have som TBP loop pedals i made and they work great so if i use those with a couple of pedals then i will have to use more cable and plugs. I´m screwed either way. maybe I should just stand still right in front of the amp with a very very short cable to my guitar:-)

Rick Erickson [QUOTE]there is something that tell... -- 5/8/2003 9:42 PM