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Re: Rode NT1000 condenser mic

4/7/2003 3:47 PM
Re: Rode NT1000 condenser mic
I own one. I bought it because of its reviews. I could not stand it stock. I replaced 5 caps and it sounds better. The replacement was not easy it is a SMD board so fitting full size polypros and a polystyene was a pain. The way Rode has the capsule made, by I believe 797 audio tends to make the "higher mids"? hotter. I think it might be better for female vocals.  
Funny thing I find I like a modded MXL1006 better I have 5 of the 1006s. I read the reviews of the nt1000 and bought it unheard, if I did not like how it was built and the low noise I would have returned it. Modded it is OK. I might even replace the capsule.  
I have a Brauner VM1. Neumann TLM103(I might mod the TLM)a number of MXL67s,2001s,1006s,603s at4033s,samson c01s,oktava MK012,nady tcm1050s and a 950,gefell 692. Almost all are modded Tube and Transistor circuits except for the Brauner and the Neumann.  
Don't believe the reviews on the web. I have about 30 condenser microphones total.  
Steve email for the nt1000 mod pictures and other microphone mods if you want.  

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