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Have any of you heard of a "Dr. Blade" distortion pedal?

2/5/2003 3:22 PM
Dean Owens
Have any of you heard of a "Dr. Blade" distortion pedal?
i recently went for a visit to my mom's house and pulled out an old milk crate of mine that was full of chords and pedals i used to use. i spent last night going through all of them and cleaning them up.  
one of them is a Dr. Blade distortion pedal. from memory this is a heavy metal type of pedal. my only probablem is, i had taken the power chord out of it about 10 years ago and put it in a bag. now i don't know how to hook it back up. any info on how do to this would be great.  
- this is a big pedal - about twice as wide and tall as a boss pedal.  
- it has a tube in it - looks like a 12AX7 type but there is no writing on it.  
- it also has a transformer of some type in it. it looks like a small output tranny - maybe an inch tall, and 1 1/2 inches wide and long. the tranny has four wires coming from it, two orange and two red.  
- it only uses a 2 prong chord but the chord is made so it can only go one way in the wall.  
- i don't remember the name of the company.  
anything you have will be appreciated

DeanOwens Can you please tell me how to hook up the power chord? -- 2/10/2003 8:03 PM