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Re: mini-marshall rackmount

11/1/2003 5:58 PM
Re: mini-marshall rackmount
it just seems that the amp forum may not be the proper place for THIS project...It's not as much an amp as it is an effect...these ar all preliminary schematics...values of the components are not necessarily correct...and I have a few Ideas I need advice here goes...  
the compressor is the schem posted under the "12ax7 compressor" discussion.  
it's an RCA compressor from the late 40's, I believe. next in line is the preamp: 2 12ax7 in a switchable arrangement. and finally the "output" section for that "power amp saturation" sound: which is 2 6AW8A tubes in a push-pull setup. I'm not sure that will be a good choice, but looks good on paper. eventually, I plan to sub-miniturize this "mess" to 6112 (replacing the 12ax7's) and possibly 6021/6088 for the output...hence fitting in a much smaller box. the final goal is to have an effect which emulates a marshall amp cranked to "11" but only putting out miliwatts, so I can plug into my computer sound cards...I think it's do-able...just not sure if I'm going about it right...

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