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Re: Better octave down

1/22/2003 10:36 PM
Paul Camann
Re: Better octave down
The Pearl unit is one octave up, straight signal, one down and two down. The Conn Multivider for horns also had an octave up as well as the one and two down, and the Condor RSM (also for horns) had an octave up for "soprano sax". The Octave V unit for the Korg PME40X pedalboard has octave up, straight, octave down, octave-and-a-fifth down, and two octaves down (each with individual distortion settings as well).  
Don't know of any others not mentioned with an octave up.  
FYI, if there are any other horn players out there, the octave up setting doesn't work so well on ANY of the aforementioned pedals (at least not with a trumpet signal for input). Better results from a PLL tracking circuit with a flip-flop in the feedback loop (or a top-octave generator if you have one).  
Paul Camann