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6L6s and 5U4 Cu cap in a 5E3?

9/1/2004 11:16 PM
6L6s and 5U4 Cu cap in a 5E3?
I built a Tweedy a couple years ago and want to try the Paul C mod and run with 6L6s. I read elsewhere that I could change to 6L6s by simply putting in a 5U4 Coppper Cap retifier. I decided to check here first. I see some mention of modifying to 6L6s, but I've done a search and can't come up with anything definitive, especially with regard to using a 5U4 Copper Cap. I know just a little about this stuff...enough to get in trouble. I know that 6L6s draw double the filament current. The JJ 6L6s that I will use run cooler than some other tubes. Would this help offset the higher filament current? Can the Mission Amp tranny hold up to the higher current? Do I need to change the cathode bias resistor? If this topic has been talked to death already, maybe someone could point me in the right direction so that I can read up on it. Thanks much.

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