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previous: J.R. Here are a lot of pics from an ebay... -- 8/22/2004 5:06 AM View Thread

Re: Victoria Double Deluxe pics

8/22/2004 3:36 PM
DDRe: Victoria Double Deluxe pics
You gotta like Victoria amps. Anybody diss'n them is just jealous of the quality they produce. And in my opinion potentially a little ignorant.  
Why? Because Victoria uses many if not most of the same parts and construction techniques that other 5E3 builders use. If someone dosen't like the way a Victora Deluxe sounds then they probably won't like anybody else's Deluxe either.  
Myth #4: 5E3 amps/kits available from different manufacturers all sound very different even though they use the same or similar parts.

Jammin' John Victoria Double Deluxe Rules !!!!!! -- 8/23/2004 4:17 PM