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Re: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?

8/17/2004 2:04 PM
Dave H
Re: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?
I prefer air insulated wire to Teflon myself. Teflon wire can be a PITA to strip whereas it’s a breeze to strip air insulated wire. The dielectric constant of air is half that of Teflon making for much less stray capacitance and an even quieter amp. If you connect the air insulated wire point to point with minimum length and with maximum air between wires it will have negligible stray capacitance but in most application the performance of Teflon wire will be adequate if the outer covering is removed before use. ;)  

Mick Actually, to add to Bruce's point a... -- 8/17/2004 8:29 PM