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Re: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?

8/17/2004 3:32 AM
DDRe: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?
You said:  
WAIT!!! You can't compare the capacitance of coaxial cable to the stray capacitances of normal insulated wire.  
I know that Mr. Photon. I just use it as a point of reference. Engineering manuals don't have capacitance tables for random wiring. Of course a single strand of wire would certainly have lots less capacitance to adjacent wiring. My point was only that capacitance can exist, and in small amounts can cause problems. And if you look at the worst case, which would be the case for coax, you will find an extreme amount of capacitance. But the fact remains that some capacitance between adjacent wiring exists.  
And then you made this statement:  
My answer to that is that that specific response is a bit childish and uncalled for. Who are you to say what technical analysis can be discussed. Are you the technical analysis police? Gee whiz all I did was provide some technical facts and you get all bent out of shape.