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Re: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?

8/17/2004 3:06 AM
DDRe: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?
Wiring has the potential for lots of capacitance between adjacent conductors. For example, a one foot length of RG-58 coax has 28.5pf between the inner and outer conductors. That's a lot of capacitance in a single foot of wire. Take that 28pf and inadvertently use it as coupling between the output and the input of the same high gain preamp tube and you get an oscillation.  
I stand by the my recommendation for using Teflon Insulation. Companies like Krell, Levinson, Cello and many others who employ the worlds best engineers all choose to use Teflon for similar reasons. I'll continue to use it for the reasons explained. It's just good common sense.

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