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Re: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?

8/15/2004 3:12 PM
DDRe: Lacquer covered cloth wire over PVC insulation?
"I wasn't surprised to note that it came from a hifi source."  
So what are you saying? You like to build low fidelity amplifiers? I think the high end hi-fi guys have a lot of good sound engineering to offer guitar amp builders.  
Try this in your spare time. Get the best consumer quality JVC or Sony Hi-fi system you can buy and then play it against a high end Krell or Levinson setup. Believe me, you will hear the difference. The Krell or Levinson will eat your favorite Sony alive. And you can bet that the Krell and the Levinson will be wired with Teflon.  
Enough said.

steve So what are you saying? You lik... -- 8/15/2004 6:49 PM