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Re: UPDATE: Les Paul, RM & 5E3

8/8/2004 3:36 AM
ted m
Re: UPDATE: Les Paul, RM & 5E3
Hi Todd,  
Your research is pretty similar to mine. There is one guy who reviewed the Germania on HC who things the non OC44 sounds better than the OC44 one, very interesting.  
But that guy also thinks the BSE? RM sounds better, but those BSE's are like $250 or $300, crazy for a pedal.  
For your situation, you could always just keep it on in a looper, you know those loopers used for non-true bypass effects or links of effects.  
Check out, I use this one called a Skreddy pedal, which is just a dual looper, but you can only select one loop at a time, but only requires 1 footpress to toggle.  
I have a favorite OD solution, and it is Germanium based so I like to run it on battery, it is true bypass.