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Re: Rangemaster users w/ 5E3?

8/4/2004 12:56 PM
Re: Rangemaster users w/ 5E3?
I got a 5E3 from Bruce @ Mission but won't build it up for another weekend or two so I can't offer you any advice as it relates to the amp but I can tell you Treble Boosts sound best when an amp is already breaking up on its own (not hard w/ the 5E3) and like crap into a clean amp. I'm looking forward to answers to this question as well + how it works w/ fuzzes.  
By most accounts the Divided by 13 Dyna Ranger is outstanding and the Keeley Java Boost, Crispy Cream/Vitamin G Boost and Analogman Beano Boost are worth consideration as well - that's not to rule anything else out - just the ones that I see alot of praise for.