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Re: Best 6L6, V1/V2 for borderline clean /distn

7/30/2004 3:23 PM
DDRe: Best 6L6, V1/V2 for borderline clean /distn
A 5751 in the 1st position, and maybe the 2nd position as well depending how clean you want things.  
But I have to agree with the comment that the 5e3 is not really a clean playing amp. I'd think you'd want a BF deluxe or twin instead.  
Some of David Gilmore's stuff is very clean with lot's of compression while other stuff of his has lot's of time delay on it to give an underlying distorted tone the appearance of being cleaner than it really is.  
Also, for clean sustain you not only can use a compressor before the amp but you also can use a studio compressor in line with the mic as well as it is being recorded. Many recording engineers prefer old tube compressors like the old Fairchilds for the later because they give that big fat clean tone. The trick is to get a fat sustaining tone without sounding like a typical clean country guitar.  
So I'd say there are probably multiple factors that give Gilmour his fat sustaining clean tone.