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Re: 6V6 vs. 6L6

7/23/2004 11:38 PM
DDRe: 6V6 vs. 6L6
6V6's will break up easier then 6l6's. The 6L6 will break up later with a bit more growl than a 6v6.  
But there is more to consider if you want to get a good rock sound -- that being the amplifier circuit. The fifties sound can be had from 6v6's by using a 5E3. A rock sound, on the other hand, can also be had from a pair of 6v6's using the Trainwreck Express circuit. The Trainwreck circuit will go from nice and jangly to extremely nasty depending how high you have the volume turned up. The Trainwreck would be a better circuit for Rock than a 5E3 IMHO, if that's what you want, although a properly designed 5E3 with the de-Fart mods applied will rock out quite well also.  
Moral of the story is that tubes do matter, but the circuit matters a little bit more. And if you are considering 6L6's, I'd urge you to consider Tungsol 5881's instead for some real killer tone.  

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