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6V6 vs. 6L6

7/23/2004 4:56 PM
6V6 vs. 6L6
I've got my preamp tubes down and EL84s but can someone elaborate on the following differences (generalized of course and as they relate to the 5E3) between 6V6s & 6L6s:  
* General Tonal Characteristics  
* Smoothness of breakup (does one go from clean to fully distorted faster?)  
* Wattage  
* Physical Size  
* I know 6L6s are more powerful and have more headroom than 6V6s but is the 6L6 significantly louder before it starts to break up?  
* Anything else you think of  
Looking for more of a rock sound than a blues or classic 50s sound.  

JP >>Looking for more of a rock sound ... -- 7/23/2004 5:09 PM
Aaron in my limited experience, they're f... -- 7/23/2004 5:24 PM
DD 6V6's will break up easier then 6l6... -- 7/23/2004 11:38 PM