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Re: 1st Project for now REC...

1/31/2003 9:17 PM
Sean K
Re: 1st Project for now REC...
Mark,I'm tending to agree with you that the nowREC needs some major slimming to get it towards something that works easily and effectively because,like you hint at,it can be very time consuming just following the various auditions of a single track.If I were behind it I'd offer it all in mp3 and forgo the listening bit and m3u,which can can saved as mp3 files,and have options for types of sendout alike,low resolution full version(audition +orig),small snippet of a good part (high resolution)and a full version of the audition alone with the whole lot done by the auditioner and sent in as a zip file or at least sent in singly with prefixes.  
But I also think that despite the hassles that its a good place to find interesting musicians that don't play guitar...!