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Seeking Advice

2/14/2004 11:00 PM
Seeking Advice
Hi All,  
Well, here's the innards of a P-90 that a friend sent to me for a rewind. This will be my first P-90, and I want to do it right. He was very happy with the A5 Humbucker that I sent. This pickup came out of an Agile LP Jr. knockoff.  
Anyway, it's obviously potted and I'm not setup for that yet so I won't be potting the rewind.  
I'm thinking the dark color of the magnets indicates Ceramics. Does that sound right?  
It measures out at 8.57k DC, which I figure is in the zone, but he may want something in the 9.5k range.  
Note the keeper bar.  
I'm thinking replace the magnets with A5, and remove the keeper. I've indicated to him that we could just do a magnet change, but that a "scatter wind" might warm things up a bit. Waddya'll think?

Jeff Oh, and is there any reason not to ... -- 2/14/2004 11:01 PM