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Re: Pickup tape

10/21/2003 3:34 PM
Fred Hammon
Re: Pickup tape
I took a new roll of 3/4" friction tape into the shop yesterday and sliced it neatly down the middle on the verticle band saw using only my eye as a guide. Too easy! Just watch out for the initial "grab" of the blade as it enters and tries to rip it out of your hands. BE CAREFULL!!! It cut through very cleanly with no gumming of the blade.  
I then went over to the big belt sander and sanded the cut sides smooth, flat and exactly to the width I wanted. The whole endevor took me less that 3-1/2 minutes. I now have 2 beautiful rolls of tape 5/16" wide. It's nice to have access to a machine shop.  

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