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Re: laminated core

9/10/2003 4:37 PM
Fred Hammon
Re: laminated core
The Jack Casady signature bass pickup uses a solid core. I think he could have benefited by using laminations. This is RTs response when I told him of Jacks pu construction. BTW it uses #26 magnet wire!  
(I'm re-entering this again from an earlier post)  
Rick Turner sez:  
"The laminations are important as is the insulating layer of varnish between them, and it's not due to hysteresis (nor hysteria), it's to reduce eddy current losses in the pickup itself. Basically, because the pole piece mass is electrically conductive, the pickup (or transformer, etc.) will develop electrical eddy currents within the pole stucture which run exactly opposite the current generated in the coil, thus cancelling out some of the coil's output. You go solid core with that and you'll decrease the output"  
Is there a way to paste photo's here?  

Darryl Dennis When I was in collage (30 years ag... -- 9/10/2003 5:21 PM