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Re: laminated core

9/10/2003 5:25 AM
Fred Hammon
Re: laminated core
I know I sound like I know what I'm talking about but I don't really. I'm just parroting things I'm in the process of learning myself.  
As to the residual magnetism...I honestly don't know but I'll find out.  
I do know that soft annealed steal is prefered due to the grain structure. When you laser cut you have a hard, heat affected zone around the cut which could throw the magnetic flux off and create further eddy currents. Idealy you want the grain to go in the direction of the flux, toward your pole pieces. Again I'm not sure this is as important in a pickup as it is in an electric motor where your trying to keep the heat loss down for maximum efficiency.  
BTW the pickup I'm making has passive pole pieces magnetized with bar magnets through the laminations.... I think I'm starting to see an answer here. If the laminations and pole pieces, in my case, had their own residual magnetism, it's possible to have conflicting lines of flux. More eddy currents and hysteresis loss. Just a theory.  
Thanks for the tape tip in advance.  

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