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Re: laminated core

9/9/2003 6:08 PM
Fred Hammon
Re: laminated core
As I mentioned before I have recreated the Hagstrom single coil bass pickup used on Guild basses. I had laminations made for them in China by a company who does that for electric motors. I ordered them through Allstar Magnetics. The cost was reasonable but I needed about 3500 laminations. 7 per pickup.  
Laminate steel is a low carbon silicon steel. This steel will not hold residual magnetism.  
Really any low carbon steel would work for pickups because you're not dealing with a large hysteresis heat factor. I just spray coated mine with insulating laquor.  
As far as laser cutting goes, it is expensive and the lams have to be anealed afterwords. The good part about that is that the oxide formed on the surface in the heat process is not electrically conductive (or so I've read) I'd spray it anyway.  

Sheldon Dingwall Interesting stuff Fred, thanks.... -- 9/10/2003 12:50 AM