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Re: 2 independent 3 pickup circuits in a stratocaster

8/7/2003 10:16 PM
Re: 2 independent 3 pickup circuits in a stratocaster
First, very well written article, thanks for forwarding it. And I'm glad you're willling to speculate with me.  
As for your most recent post.  
Tone of humbuckers:  
When you mentioned the design of humbucking pickups vs tone, reminded me of a short interview I read a few years ago with country picker Steve Warner. He said he was Strat-Stack pickups (I think Seymour Duncans), said he preferred using them single coil, unless there was a lot of noise then he used them humbucking with a loss of "bell tone" (upper harmonics?).So the upper coil should sound OK, but I still wonder what the lower coil would sound like.  
Two 5-way switches:  
The only problem I see with wiring my current pickups to a pair of 5-way switches is I want one switch is set for the in-between notch, and the second only for one of the two pickups. I think the each cicuit will (crosstalk) engage both pickups.  
Electronic switching:  
I'll keep it in mind. Would you need to use 18vdc to pass pickup signal? (I think I've read that in an Anderton or Bradshaw article)  
Additional comments:  
Or what about a tapped pick up?  
Hand made pickups:  
I actually hoped someone that has wound their own pick ups might comment on the feasiblity of winding a Bifilar pickup.  
Alternative switching scheme:  
Could you wire the pickups with resistors (250K or 500k) between leads, then short them to de-select pickups, without crosstalk?  
Talk to you later,  

SK In a stacked design, the lower coil... -- 8/8/2003 2:50 AM