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Re: laminated core

8/5/2003 7:49 AM
Fred Hammon
Re: laminated core
From an email sent to me from Mike Nemeth. Eugene Oregon:  
The overall mass of iron in the core will determine the inductance for the most part. Breaking that mass up into thin sheets will lower the hysteresis loss and make the over all power transfer of the system more efficient, especially at higher frequencies. Whether or not this is important in a Bass Guitar PeeCup, Who knows??? Make up one of each and send them up and I will run some response test. Or find a physics student with more time than money and pay them to figure out and do the calculations.  
The related field is "Transformer Losses" and specifically "Hysteresis Loss" in transformers.  
Here is a brief explanation from an old Radio Book,  
" It is supposed that, when iron is magnetized, the position of the molecules is changed so that most of the north poles point in one direction and the south poles in the other direction. When the direction of the flux changes every half cycle, the orientation of the molecules must change so that the north poles now point in the opposite direction. The continuous shifting of the positions of the molecules in the core causes the core to heat up, and the heat represents still another loss of power.  
This wastage of power is known as hysteresis loss.  
Since all the losses must be supplied by the source supplying the power ( The mag in the peecup), the losses represent power that cannot be utilized by the load. Special pains are take to keep these unwanted losses as small as possible, for example, by using copper wire as large as practicable to keep the winding resistance's low and by making the core of laminations rather than of solid iron."

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