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Re: laminated core

8/4/2003 5:49 AM
Fred Hammon
Re: laminated core
The Hagstrom single coil used on the Guild Starfire hollowbody basses in the mid to late '60s,(also on their M85 basses) are famous for being what I call the "Love Pups". Jack Casady(J. Airplane)and and Phil Lesh (G. Dead) used them during that period. Rick Turner, Ron Wickersham and "Bear" Owsley tinkered with them a bit and added emitter followers mounted right on the pickup so as not to get any freq. loss due to line resistance and ran it through an onboard powered preamp system. This became the 1'st active pickup. These guys later went on to form Alembic. The pickups, stock, were unbeatable at the time in that they had the widest frequency response of any pickup. "They were the one to beat" Later of course they did.  
If you want the low down on the Voodoo of the whole design I suggest you email Rick Turner himself at Turner Guitars. He loves to talk about them when he has the time.  
I could provide some detailed photos here if I knew how.  

Fred Hammon From an email sent to me from Mike ... -- 8/5/2003 7:49 AM