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Re: Washburn PUP maker?

6/17/2003 2:41 AM
Re: Washburn PUP maker?
Hi Jim  
I am juan and I make picks for my self for the moment. I also got a mexican strat and I found that the pics were of ceramic. In a fender amp the sound was good for me, but in other amps the sound was bad, so I decided to change the pics for some w/ alnico five. I did the three pics with new wire and alnico 5 and the sound changed to a best sound.  
I got a Washburn (the same like yours) and this has P-90 (Epiphone) that I converted with Alnico 5 polopieces and I think the sound improved. Others washburns have humbuckers w/out cover. Whish ones has your guitar?  

Jim C My Washburn is a Maverick series BT... -- 6/17/2003 2:00 PM