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Washburn PUP maker?

6/16/2003 10:24 PM
Jim CWashburn PUP maker?
I bought a new Mexican Strat and done everything I can think of (Shielding, Star Ground, Change Tone Caps. reset distance to strings) and it still sounds like crap through a kazoo! I have a $50 Pawnshop Washburn BT3 Maverick that I bought busted just for the parts(it was new but some kid "dive bomb" busted the bridge mount out of the body.)Anyway I fooled around and fixed it, and it sounds SOOO much better than my new Strat! The Wash' can go from that sweet "Tele" twang to really deep full sound that I love. I'd like to transplant some of those pups into the Strat, but there are no ID marks on the pups for the Washburn. Does Washburn make their own in house or do they buy from a pickup maker? Even though that little BT3 just cost me $50 bucks, it has become one of my favorites and I just can't bring myself to strip it for parts because it plays circles around the Strat! Are all the PUPS in Mexican Strats junk, or did I just get a turkey?

juan Hi JimI am juan and I make pick... -- 6/17/2003 2:41 AM