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Re: Please explain Tele Texas Special w/ 3 wires

5/17/2003 5:17 PM
Steve A.
Re: Please explain Tele Texas Special w/ 3 wires
    There are two eyelets on the bottom plate of the pickup. One of the leads is usually white or yellow- that is the hot terminal. The other lead is black and is connected to both the coil and to the metal cover. You need to run your second hot conductor to that eyelet and then connect the cable shield to the metal cover. Maybe ohm it out when you are done to make sure that there is no continuity between the coil and the cover. If you are making this pickup yourself you might want to add a third eyelet just for the ground connections but its not really necessary.  
    The Fender 4 way switch allows you to select between the normal parallel linkage and a series linkage between the two pickups. But you can add a phase switch on a push-pull volume or tone pot if that is what the customer wants. IMHO the tele is the only Fender guitar that actually works well with a phase switch because the two pickups are so dissimilar. And the out-of-phase series linkage has a cool midrange "honk" to it.  
    If you will be winding the neck pickup yourself, make sure that it is RWRP with respect to the bridge pickup so that the blend positions will be hum-cancelling. Otherwise the series linkage can be pretty noisy. I also recommend shielding the control cavity and optionally the pickup cavities just to keep the noise down with the 4 way switch because the hot signal is always connected to the neck pickup.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola