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Sorta answers and LONG

12/8/2002 7:08 PM
Sorta answers and LONG
Those are all good questions, and I don't have the answers. I think one person would be "primarily responsible" for the money and the materials. This will definitely be a headache of sorts. Anyone with connections could make the arrangements and payment, but the funding would be issued from one place. Like most associations it would require certain members take on minor administrative roles as a "check and balance". Whoever were to take on the financial aspect would have to be willing to have his personal information distributed to all members and be willing to submit to any type of backround check others felt necessary. The funds would have to be pooled into a formal; legitimate bank account in the associations name. I suppose more than one person would need to be registered with said bank.  
As far as the amounts, I'm thinking there will be two levels "associate" and "full" with different levels of benefit. The cost would depend upon number of people interested, and exactly what we wish to accomplish. Like you said, real money opens up real possibilities... I think a flexible "dues" system will be required as well. Ithink the "reasonable aproach" would be to start small and hope that "retail profits", increased membership and recognition would eventually boost things to where we could really do things.  
I do realize some already do some of this in limited scale; I do realize there are compromises many will feel they are making. (loss of personal profit, competition, sharing of information, etc...) I also think that without this we are basicly the same as the big companies which have always frustrated us so, just on a smaller level; because we ARE on a smaller level. Without something like this we will likely always remain on a smaller level.  
As far as someone willing to be put in such a difficult position as "manager", along with all the requirements I mentioned before (and others I imagine); I am willing to do it, without reimbursement.  
As far as my info, I am 36, married 15 yrs w/ 4 children. We are a "single income family". I am a Chief Warrant Officer (CW4) AGR (active duty National Guard) in Pennsylvania. My primary "Job" is that of Helicopter Flight Instructor/Academic Instructor. Secondary duties involve the management of personnel and projects. I have a "Secret" clearance. Prior to taking this Job I was self employed for 12 years in construction trades (I was part time guard pilot then).  
I have a "9" credit rating whenever someone runs a credit check on me. I have a standing charge account with A-Z and other suppliers. For my personal and business accounts I use a Federal Credit Union where establishing an association account would be relatively easy.  
Beyond that, I will not "publish" my personal information on the web, but I will release it to anyone interested in this association who contacts me directly thru e-mail or otherwise, WHEN it becomes appropriate to do so (like when I really think this might fly). I think I'm a reasonable candidate, but I don't necessarily "want" the position/job. (I think if you "want" the job, you probably don't realize what really is involved)

Yves SK,This sounds to me like a... -- 12/8/2002 10:09 PM