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Re: Is it true that Leo Fender couldn't play the guitar?

9/21/2002 6:41 AM
nicRe: Is it true that Leo Fender couldn't play the guitar?
Dick would say something like, "Dick Dale blows out so many speakers because Dick Dale plays so loud. Dick Dale also plays so fast that the saddles on Dick Dale's strat heated up, turned purple because Dick Dale changed the molecular structure of the metal in the saddles. Also Dick Dale's bandmates know what to play and when otherwise they know Dick Dale will punch them. Especially Dick Dale's bass player, if his bass doesn't sound like a bass drum all the time, boom! boom!, ohhh. Anyway, Dick Dale had to advise Leo Fender on the Dual Showman, because Dick Dale kept blowing speakers. Dick Dale went through something over 50 prototypes before Fender could design an amp that could tolerate Dick Dale's style."  
Anyone know of other third person speakers?  

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