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Re: Bank and ortho winding and capacitance and...

9/12/2002 11:04 PM
Dr. Strangelove
Re: Bank and ortho winding and capacitance and...
Careful on this one where Kaiser sez:
"Random wound cores utilizing 360º of the core yield the highest capacitances; 50 pF to 75 pF are typical values at 1,000 turns. Random wound cores utilizing 330º, sector-wound cores, and bank-wound cores all reduce the distributed capacitance."
Those comments refer to toroidal coils.  
One interesting link on a Moebius winding pattern:  
<> Looks like it would bunch up in the middle, though.  
There are fully automatic traverse mechanisms now, usually incorporated into $10k+ benchtop machines. I keep wondering how hard it would be to make one with a PIC controller and 30 oz/in stepper motor.  

R.G. PIC your poison -- 9/13/2002 12:04 AM